Predecessor downloded by 110,000+ users

Portfolyo is the successor to the highly popular Stockportfolio app that has more than 110,000 downloads. Portfolyo offers the core functionality of its predecessor, as well as real-time quotes, cryptocurrency tracking, an intuitive interface and more! Join the thousands of satisfied users who have already switched to Portfolyo today.


Why use the Portfolyo app.

While your bank's app offers a simple summary of your portfolio's present value, it doesn't monitor its performance over time or factor in gains/losses from sales of stocks, currency exchange, and expenses. However, the Portfolyo app provides these features and more with minimal effort required to register transactions. You can also include additional information such as dividend, fees, and taxes for a comprehensive view to enhance your trading.

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Feature list

With The Portfolyo app, you can stay on top of your investments and receive weekly reports on your portfolio's development.

  • View your portfolio performance since any given date.
  • Real-time price updates.
  • Set up price/stop-loss alerts.
  • Compare your portfolio with major indexes such as Nasdaq 100, S&P500, Bitcoin etc.
  • Track Stocks, ETF's, crypto and custom assets.
  • All your portfolios in one place (stocks, crypto, other assets).
  • Easily organize your favorite assets in separate collections.
  • Receive notifications when assets in your portfolio or favorites fluctuate.
  • Includes profit/loss from sold assets in the overall portfolio performance.
  • Other types of activity like dividends and trading fees can be included.
  • Includes currency exchange rate in calculations.
  • Add notes for each asset; expectations, when to sell etc.
  • Use the app to share your portfolio with trusted individuals, without giving access to the real account.
  • Create fictitious portfolios for training/experimenting.
  • Austrian, Belgian, British (UK), Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Swiss and U.S. stocks and ETFs as well as crypto and custom assets

Transfer from Stockportfolio to Portfolyo

If you want to transfer your portfolio from the old app to the new.

Start by installing the new Portfolyo app. Then write an email to from your email address associated with the old app. Please specify what email-address you used to sign-in with Portfolyo (look in settings) and whether you want all history to be transferred or only the stocks currently in your portfolio.


Fair & low pricing

Portfolyo is subscription based. The first week is completely free! No credit card needed, no strings attached. After the first week, you can continue using Portfolyo with a free limited version, or subscribe to keep additional features. The lite version only supports two portfolios, and two active alerts. The full version allows unlimited portfolios, automatic assets monitoring, unlimited alerts, and an ad-free experience.